Oscar Garcia-Lopez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1973 and from a very young age discovered that fashion would be part of his life. But his love for the arts does not stop there.

He brings in his influences of dance, ballet, music, and the theatre to give an artistic edge to his designs that leaves everyone wanting more. At the early age of 12 he created his first dress with his mother’s curtains due to the scarce resources found on the island, creating not only garments but also the tools needed to make them. He recalls “sharpening [his] needles with nail files and candle wax… only able to replace them when family members or friends would visit not only from the United States but from the European community as well.” But despite the effort of having to create his own tools “[he] was determined and didn’t mind the effort.” This little boy had found his calling and was determined to follow it. After two failed attempts of fleeing the island he “was able to leave Cuba via Mexico as part of a musical performance group.” “[He] lived there for four years and in 2004 [he] crossed the border into the United States, looking to reunite [himself] with family members and embark on the path to realize [his] dream.” Once in Miami, ­he began growing his clientele one dress at a time. His elaborate designs have captured the attention of South Beach socialites, and Palm Beach and New York high-society ladies.


While he continued building his loyal clientele, he took on the challenge of participating in the Project Runway spin-off Under the Gunn hosted by none other than the fierce Tim Gunn, with co-judges including designer Rachel Roy, celebrity stylist Jen Rade, and Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. From the first episode, Oscar’s talent was eminent, and quickly started to receive compliments from judges very early on in the competition. Every time he presented a new creation it was described as flattering, sexy, and fierce, characteristics that he makes sure is found in all of his designs. The judges also praised his outstanding construction and pointed out that many of his gowns had the red-carpet “wow” that celebrities kill for.

His work has been published in various magazines like Marie Claire, Ocean Drive Magazine, The Miami Herald, Opulence Magazine, Selecta Magazine, and many more.

He has also had the honor of dressing Latin celebrities like Ana Barbara, Carmen Jara, Barbara Bermudo, Adriana Fonseca, and Latin Grammy winner Lena Burke among many others. He has also dressed actress Kelly Lynch, and in 2014 had the privilege to design and create the gown designer Rachel Roy would wear to attend the MET Gala in New York and her clothes to attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding. And there is no doubt that Oscar will continue to surprise the world with his charming personality, great demeanor, proven creativity, and amazing sense of style.

Oscar believes that women should not blend into the background, but rather be confident, sexy, and feel special, aspects that he makes sure to include in all of his designs.

His designs not only focus on making women look good, but feel good. Every week he made sure to “make it work” and constantly brought in fabulous garments that the judges loved. Renowned costume designer and stylist Jen Rade praised his designs, describing them as “Fabulous and light years above and beyond everything else she has seen on the runway. Co-judge and Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire USA, Zanna Roberts Rassi also pointed out one of his designing aptitudes – “You have a very refined way of constructing garments that make them look very expensive.” During the season finale, guest judge, supermodel, and Project Runway host Heidi Klum also said it had been a long time since she had the honor of knowing a designer with so much talent.But even after having been the winner of Under The Gunn Season 1, his successes have not gone to his head. Those that have had the privilege of working with him backstage can attest to his humble, and down-to-earth nature. Throughout the season he could be found helping out his opponents when he had time on his hands after finishing a project before everyone else, and in the words of his mentor, Nick Verreos during the show, even cleaning out his space and sweeping the workroom floor. Oscar describes that "[he is] certainly enjoying the show and all the glory, but most importantly, [he is] loving the opportunity to share [his] passion with a much larger audience." He highlights how "this has always been [his] ultimate dream and it is now a reality.”